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HYPERID Is a Hybrid Methodology for Project and Product Management.

It was first published in September 2022 with a corresponding book.

HYPERID is designed to be applied to any type of project - from developing AI-powered software, which has to be developed after a highly evolutionary approach, to developing digital products, that often requires an iterative approach, to building a skyscraper that is not much affected by larger changes during the project runtime - in other words, regardless of whether they have typically been executed in an agile or sequential manner to date. 


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©Arash Parsania 2022

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HYPERID can be used to address the following core needs:

  • Reliable predictability and rapid planning.

  • Iterative and value-driven results.

  • On-time and on-budget delivery. 

In addition, since the release of HYPERID, 2 tools have been available to support HYPERID practitioners right from the beginning, until project and product management tool vendors provide corresponding online tools:

  • PSC (Project Scope Catalogue) 

  • PEPP Tool (Project Estimation, Planning, & Pricing Tool)

Learn more about HYPERID here:

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