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As a Premium Member you get access to valuable extra materials related to the HYPERID methodology. These include the HYPERID tools such as the PSC and the PEPP tool, but also other materials such as images from the HYPERID book, which you can view enlarged as you wish if they are not easily readable in the book - due to the book format - and other premium materials that will be provided in the future.
Currently you can obtain the premium membership by submitting your data and proof of purchase of the HYPERID book in our form (accessible on this page below). After verification of your data you will be granted the Premium status, if your data authorizes you for this. There will be no further costs for you.

This is a voluntary service and temporary offer, which can be revoked any time later.

Please submit the form to receive your premium membership and benefit from premium materials of HYPERID!



* Prerequisite is that you provide proof that you have purchased the HYPERID book

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