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What Is               ?

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HYPERID, [ˈhaiprid], Is a Hybrid Methodology for Project and Product Management.

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©Arash Parsania 2022

©Arash Parsania 2022



It was first published in September 2022 with a corresponding book and describes a new methodology for planning and delivering projects and products. HYPERID, abbreviated from "Hyper Inter-Methodological Delivery", is designed to be applied to any type of project - from developing AI-powered software, which is usually developed after a highly evolutionary approach, to developing digital products, that often requires an iterative approach, to building a skyscraper that is not much affected by larger changes during the project runtime - in other words, regardless of whether they have typically been executed in an agile or sequential manner to date. In particular, HYPERID is also suitable for agile delivery of "fixed time/fixed price" projects, and is thus able to address core delivery needs of today's organizations that primarily center around predictability and successful delivery in terms of cost, time, and value while remaining agile.

HYPERID, as a hybrid methodology, makes use of some existing approaches and complements them with additional processes, structures, best practices and behaviors. This methodology was developed because previous approaches - classic (such as the waterfall method) and agile (such as Scrum) - cannot meet some requirements.

HYPERID can be used to address the following core needs:

  • Reliable predictability and rapid planning.

  • Iterative and value-driven results.

  • On-time and on-budget delivery. 

In addition, since the release of HYPERID, 2 tools have been available to support HYPERID practitioners right from the beginning, until project and product management tool vendors provide corresponding online tools (CLICK!):

  • PSC (Project Scope Catalogue) and

  • PEPP Tool (Project Estimation, Planning, & Pricing Tool)

Why Is It Needed?

Linear process models (waterfall) have long been unable to accommodate the needs of the digital age. The agile methodologies (e.g. scrum) could not prove to be the savior either.

The frameworks used so far cannot ensure success. The trend for successfully completed projects seems to be downwards (Standish Group, Chaos 2020, Beyond Infinity).

There is a general need in the market for a fully comprehensive single hybrid methodology that can be used as a standard. HYPERID has been developed to meet this need.

©Arash Parsania 2022

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How Does It Work?

HYPERID consists of 3 phases on the highest level:

  1. Define Scope

  2. ADP (Analyze/Design/Plan)

  3. Deliver Value


©Arash Parsania 2022

The Define Scope phase serves the purpose of defining and documenting the purpose and objectives of a project or product, the relevant stakeholders and their requirements, and other relevant information about the project/product.

The ADP Phase serves the purpose of rapid creation of the core design for the project/product and end-to-end planning of the implementation in Delivery Cycles.

It is executed through three approximations that gradually sharpen the delivery plan, cost, and implementation time:

  1. ADP Approximation 1


  2. ADP Approximation 2


  3. ADP Approximation 3


©Arash Parsania 2022


General recommendation is to fully pass
the ADP Phase, which includes the
third approximation

Under certain circumstances, e.g. for highly evolutionary and outcome based initiatives, the ADP Phase can also be left after the first approximation

ADP1 Exit.png

©Arash Parsania 2022

The outcome of the
(ADP Approximation 1) is the
High-Level Scope Delivery Plan.
This serves the purpose of high-level phase and milestone planning as well as the adjustment and fine-tuning of the scope.

©Arash Parsania 2022

High-Level Scope Delivery Plan


The ADP Phase can be left after the
second approximation
under certain circumstances, e.g. in the case of evolutionary or scope-based initiatives.

ADP2 Exit.png

©Arash Parsania 2022

The outcome of the
(ADP Approximation 2) is the
High-Level Delivery Plan.

©Arash Parsania 2022

High-Level Delivery Plan


With the third approximation
furthermore possible to deliver
scope-based/fixed-scope projects.

ADP3 Exit.png

©Arash Parsania 2022

The outcome of the
(ADP Approximation 3) is the Delivery Plan.

Delivery Plan

©Arash Parsania 2022

This is one of many reasons why HYPERID is able to serve different types of projects and products.

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©Arash Parsania 2022

Since the goal is to be able to react to any required changes at any time and to be in a position to predict the future progress of the project or project implementation at the same time, a Scope Grooming & Rapid Planning (SGRP) takes place at the beginning of each Delivery Cycle. 
The core elements of SGRP are:


  • Scope Grooming

  • Reaching the third approximation
    (FINAL APPROXIMATION), at least for
    the current Delivery Cycle.

  • Rapid planning of the remaining work.

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©Arash Parsania 2022

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               Process Overview

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Click here to see all process steps in HYPERID:

©Arash Parsania 2022

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