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  • Is the HYPERID book available in English or other languages?
    The HYPERID book is currently available in English and German. If you are interested in other languages, sign up for our newsletter on the home page of this website so that you will be notified of any other publications. If you like to translate the book in other languages, please use the contact form to reach out to us.
  • I have some questions about the content of the book and/or the HYPERID methodology. Where can I get help?
    Please check this FAQ section to see if your request has already been answered. If your question still remains, please use the contact form and send us your question(s), which we will be very happy to answer in a timely manner.
  • Some of the graphics are very small in the print version of the book. I can't recognize much. Can I find these somewhere else?
    Some of the content may not be readable in detail in the print version of the book; but that's okay, because the point of these graphics is not the details, but the broader information presented in the graphics. Nevertheless, on this website under the menu "Resources" you have the possibility to view all graphics from the book enlarged at any time, once you gained premium membership status (which is free of charge, once you provide proof that you have purchased the book).
  • I am often in a hurry in the project and can't always work through the whole book. How can I set up my project quickly without going through the whole book?
    On this website you will find a quick guide for HYPERID in the "Resources" menu, which presents all process steps in a consolidated way. However, it is strongly recommended to read the book in full, not only to become familiar with the HYPERID methodology, but also to understand and internalize the rationale and background behind the specifications in HYPERID.
  • I would like to use several licenses of HYPERID Tools for my company. How can I get them?
    It is possible to get a number of licenses for the HYPERID Tools at once. Please use the contact form and let us know your needs.
  • Can I get the HYPERID tools separately (without the book)?
    It is currently not yet possible to get individual licenses of the HYPERID tools without purchasing the HYPERID book for several reasons. On the one hand, we are currently in a very early release phase and would like to wait for first user experiences with the tools. On the other hand, it is very important that the HYPERID methodology is properly understood and implemented when it comes to using the HYPERID tools, which are also based on the HYPERID vocabulary. Therefore, it is not useful to obtain the tools without the book until sufficient market penetration has been achieved. However, it is different if you want to acquire several licenses for your company. We can make this possible in combination with targeted training and introduction of the methodology in your company. Please use the Contact Form and send us your request, if you intend to do so.
  • How does collaboration between team members take place when HYPERID tools have hardware based licenses?
    The current HYPERID tools provide for primary use by a single principal person who manages the master document. However, it is essential that the content is shared with team members and exchanged between individuals. To make the content available to other team members, it is recommended to save a macro-free version of the Excel files (e.g. *.xlsx) and pass it to others. The PEPP tool is already prepared for the intended case of collaboration (team estimations). It is possible there to export Excel files for team members and to import them again later. Nevertheless, we trust that the current HYPERID tools will be considered as MVPs and that soon tool vendors will provide corresponding online tools on this basis that will enable easy collaboration in teams. If you are a tool vendor interested in this, we look forward to hearing from you via the contact form.
  • How do I keep my license for HYPERID Tools across multiple projects (files)?
    We recommend to create and save a copy of the HYPERID tools immediately after activating the corresponding licenses. Additional copies can be created and used for future projects and needs as long as the tools are used on the same hardware. It is also possible to reset the HYPERID Tools so that the contents are completely deleted.
  • I have changed my computer and the HYPERID tools no longer work. What can I do?
    Since the licenses of HYPERID Tools are hardware-related, users must purchase new licenses accordingly when purchasing new hardware. As a gesture of goodwill, we are willing - until this voluntary service is revoked - to provide you with a new license free of charge on a one-time basis, provided that you purchase new hardware within the first year after receiving the licenses of HYPERID Tools. In this case, please contact us via our contact form and have appropriate evidence ready, which we will need for this purpose.
  • I do not work on a Windows operating system. How can I use the HYPERID tools?
    Currently, HYPERID tools are only available for Microsoft Excel on the Microsoft Windows operating system. As soon as first experiences with the HYPERID Tools are gathered and a corresponding demand for the support of other operating systems (e.g. MAC OS) is raised, we will gladly consider them. Please sign up for our newsletter on the home page to stay informed about such updates.
  • I forgot to activate my license in the given time. How can I get help?
    Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about it. The tools must be activated in the specified time to confirm your right to use them. You will have to purchase new licenses in this case.
  • I have found defects in the HYPERID tools. Will you fix them?
    Please report the found defect using the "Report a Bug" form available via the "Contact Us" menu item. We will verify, prioritize and fix them according to the prioritizations. Thank you very much!
  • Can I submit suggestions to improve the HYPERID tools?
    Absolutely! We would love to improve the tools according to your needs and experiences. Please submit your suggestions using the contact form.
  • I get an error message "Compile Error: Can't find project or library", when I open the HYPERID Tools. How can I fix this?
    This message is often shown, when a component is missing and hadn't been installed on the PC before. To fix this issue follow these steps: 1) Open the Visual Basic Editor (you may need to activate and show the DEVELOPER tab in the Ribbon, if there is no Developer tab that includes the Visual Basic Editor button. (to show the Developer tab, tick the developer check box in the Custome Ribbon menu). 2) From the Tools menu in the Visual Basic Editor, choose References to display the References dialog box. The References dialog box shows all object libraries registered with the operating system. Scroll through the list and check which object library is not referenced and is missing. It would look like this: 3) Install the missing object library (most probably it will be Microsoft Common Controlls-2 that can be downloaded from the Microsoft website). 4) When installed, go back to the reference menu (above) and find the installed OCX file by clicking the Browse button and selecting the right file, and confirm. When it's done right, the References list should look like this (no MISSING: reference visible anymore): Now the HYPERID Tools should open properly.
  • I want to introduce HYPERID to my company, how can I get support?
    Please use the contact form and send us your request including information on your intent in detail. We will be very happy to answer in a timely manner.
  • We have introduced SAFe, or are currently introducing SAFe. Is HYPERID a contradiction to SAFe? Do I have to choose one of the two?
    This is not a problem, because HYPERID and SAFe predominantly serve different areas. While SAFe mainly provides a framework for building agile organizations (enterprises), HYPERID focuses on project and product delivery. HYPERID can definitely be implemented in a SAFe structure and contribute a lot of value in project and product delivery. Especially when it comes to efficiency, predictability, and successful goal achievement. The recommendation here is to agree on the vocabulary to be used within a company and to inform the entire organization about it, since in HYPERID and SAFe there is different use of terms in a few areas. It is also important to consciously decide on certain procedures (e.g. effort estimation in person days according to the estimation method proposed in HYPERID) in order to avoid irritations leading to project failures.
  • What are the advantages of Premium Membership?
    As a Premium Member you get access to valuable extra materials related to HYPERID. These include the HYPERID tools such as the PSC and the PEPP tool, but also other materials such as images from the HYPERID book, and other premium materials that will be provided in the future. Currently you can obtain the premium membership by submitting your data and proof of purchase of the HYPERID book in our form (accessible via the menu item "Become a Premium Member"). After verification of your data you will be granted the Premium status, if your data authorizes you for this. There will be no further costs for you. This is a voluntary service and temporary offer, which can be revoked any time later.
  • Is there a charge for Premium Membership?
    Currently you do not have to pay extra for the Premium Membership, if you have provided proof that you have purchased the HYPERID book. However, this is a voluntary service and temporary offer, which can be revoked any time later.
  • Can I modify or change any graphics related to HYPERID?
    No, HYPERID graphics may not be customized or modified. However, we do allow the addition of certain annotations such as overlays and highlighting upon prior request . To do so, submit the permissions form containing the details of your intention and we will be happy to process and respond to your request.
  • What content (text, graphics, posters, documents, etc.) may I use?
    You may use all content that you can directly access for free or you have qualified for (e.g. via Premium Membership status like PSC, PEPP Tool or book graphics) under the Resources tab on this website without modifying them, as long as the use does not compete with anything offered or represented by HYPERID and as long as you point out the clear origin and copyright of HYPERID directly on the content. For any other content/use, you must submit a request using the Permission Forms.
  • Can I use the HYPERID logo or design petterns to show my support of HYPERID?
    In the most cases yes, however, you must obtain prior permission by submitting a Permissions Form explaining the purpose and the art of use.
  • Do I need to submit a Permissions Form to use the HYPERID Process Map poster?
    No, you do not need to submit a Permissions Form if you do not modify the HYPERID Process Map poster and the use does not compete with anything offered or represented by HYPERID.
  • Can I translate HYPERID material?
    No, because otherwise it will be difficult to keep updating materials current. Therefore, we try to provide the materials in English in the first place. If you would like to engage in translation work in the long term, please feel free to use the contact form to let us know how you would like to contribute.
  • When can I use the word HYPERID?
    You may use the word mark HYPERID only to refer to the HYPERID methodology and offerings. You may not use those in any materials or offerings which do not refer to the HYPERID methodology. You may not use the logo without permission.
  • Can I put the HYPERID Process Map poster on my website?
    Yes, you may display the HYPERID Process Map poster on your website if you embed or provide a hyperlink to the HYPERID home page (
  • Can I cite/use HYPERID content in publications (forum, magzine, book, article, research paper, blog, etc)?
    Yes, upon request (Permissions Form) we normally permit HYPERID content to be used in publications.
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