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Project Scope Catalogue

©Arash Parsania 2022

What Is PSC?

The PSC (Project Scope Catalogue) helps users of the HYPERID methodology to assemble and document the scope of a project or product. According to HYPERID, this work takes place primarily in the "Define Scope" phase. Background information on this can be found on this website or in the associated book. 


This tool is based on Microsoft Excel and includes macros that ensure smooth and effective use of the PSC. These macros do not exchange data with people, companies or websites. Only when using the tool for the first time, a one-time connection to the Internet is established. During this process, only information from the Internet is retrieved. Your data will not be sent to the Internet. If a connection to other HYPERID tools is established (e.g. PEPP tool), the data exchange will be initiated only after your consent, and it will take place exclusively with the concerned tool. Since you cannot use the HYPERID tools without activating the macros, make sure that you have downloaded the tool yourself from this website ( 
Do not use the tool if it has been provided to you by third parties or if it has been downloaded from another website, since the macros can be compromised and contain malicious software. Use this tool at your own risk. The owner of this tool, Arash Parsania, does not provide any guarantee or warranty support for it. Any kind of liability or indemnification is excluded. Download and use this tool only if you agree with this clause.
Also, Please check the System Requirements, BEFORE you download this tool, since the tool might not run on your system. 

System Requirements

  • This version of the tool is only tested on Microsft Excel 365 (32/64 bit) Version 2111+ on Windows 10 & 11.  It may or may not work proparly on other Windows Operating Systems or Excel versions.
    It will not work on other Operating Systems such as Mac OS.


  • Use this on your own risk. Any kind of guarantee or warranty support are excluded.

  • Macros must be enabled for this tool to be used.

  • This tool has not been tested on different System languages other than German/English

Important Note About License Activation:

Please note that you must activate this product within 7 days, once you receive it. Activation is done by opening the PSC once on a computer with internet connection and running the startup routine. The successful activation of the license will be confirmed.
If you fail to activate the product within the given period, your license will become invalid. Please note that the license cannot be renewed. Therefore, you would need to purchase a new license if you have not activated the license.
The license is valid for an unlimited time for one PC. If the hardware configuration of your PC changes, the license will no longer be valid.
Therefore, activate the license on the computer on which you intend to use the tool.
If you purchase new hardware within the first calendar year after purchasing your license, we will provide you with a new license free of charge (upon submission of appropriate proof) until revoked as a gesture of goodwill and on a voluntary basis.

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